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How to write an argumentative essay
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2020 10:49 pm   Post subject: How to write an argumentative essay Reply with quote

An argumentative essay writing is a text in which you take a position on a problem. To succeed in such an exercise, you must start by taking sides, do research to your position, and develop a plan before you start writing the introduction to state your thesis. In the body of your text, develop the arguments coherently. In your conclusion, synthesize everything that has been developed, taking care not to introduce new information.

Review the subject.
Do it to make sure you understand it. Take the subject given to you by the teacher and read it carefully. Research the words and expressions you do not understand to know them better for a better understanding of the subject. Clearly define the issue.

Do some preliminary research.
Do this to better understand the subject. If you don't understand the subject, read on to find out more. You can start with your textbook if it contains information that can help you. You can also research on the internet. However, you should be careful to choose credible sources dealing with two positions related to the subject.

Take a stand on the issue to develop a text outline.
After researching the two positions arising from the subject, determine your position. Note it at the top of the page on your paper or in the Word document opened for this purpose to establish a plan.

Add the main ideas to develop your plan.
After taking a stand, think about the research initially done. What are the bleeding points that led you to adopt this position? You can use these ideas in your development.

Look for other studies to illustrate your ideas.
Now is the time to do more research. Visit the library or use the online databases in your university library. Find credible sources that you can use to further develop your arguments.

Take notes with quotes.
You can take handwritten notes or use a computer to do this. As you research through trusted sources, take note as you go. Write the title of the book or write down information about the article at the top of the page and add the page number for each section you take note of or cite. Of course, you will only do this when possible.

Add elements to the main ideas to develop the plan.
After taking note, add 3 to 4 bullet points under each main idea. Add small ideas to support the main idea. You can do this using your research notes.

Start with a catchphrase.
To generate excitement among readers, start with a catchphrase that can be a quote or an anecdote. Using a catchphrase is the best way to get a reader interested in your work. For example, when you write argumentative text, you can use the quotation from an author whose ideologies you share.

Introduce the topic in your transition sentences.
In the following sentences, you must forget your catchphrase which is more general and which does not take your thesis directly into account. As you progress in your writing, you will need to present the general idea to allow readers to orient themselves towards your objectives. You should present the two aspects of the subject neutrally before stating your thesis.

Work on a thesis statement to establish your argument.
After your transition sentences, you will add the statement of your thesis which will be much more precise and which announces to the reader the position that you intend to defend. You should include a few sentences to help the reader better understand the points that you will develop your argument.

Limit each paragraph to one idea.
To help the reader follow you better, use your outline to create paragraphs. For a short essay, ( write essay today) you can develop the main idea in one paragraph. However, if you write longer, you can develop a paragraph for each little idea you develop under the main idea.

Take into account the other aspect of the question.
The best way to present your argument is to discuss the second aspect of the topic and to bring out what opposes it to your point of view. Explain the subject in the second direction using a counterclaim, then explain the reason why you think your position is better. You are free to decide how you want to develop this aspect. You can dedicate a single sentence or a whole paragraph to it.

Keep all of your arguments in mind while writing.
Each main idea should be linked to the next so that in the end you have a coherent argument that the reader can follow throughout your essay. Adding transitions between sections can help readers get an overview.

Support your ideas with research.
Use your notes to back up your ideas while citing sources as you go. You do not necessarily need to quote every sentence from your research, but you should mention any sentence containing the main idea that you obtained from another source.

Summarize the information contained in your work.
The conclusion should sum up what you have developed throughout the argument. It must, therefore, highlight the points that you have dealt with. Help the reader see how each main idea you raised highlights your position and proves your thesis.

Avoid repeating your introduction.
Many learners simply want to take the introduction and rewrite it for the conclusion. However, your conclusion should be more than that. It should provide the reader with a summary of why the issue is important and why you think that your position is the best.

Read your essay to review the errors.
After you have finished your first draft, read your text carefully. Read it once again to see if it makes sense. Make sure there is consistency in the ideas. If not, take the time to touch up by adding transition sentences. Rewrite any sections that are not clear.[/url]
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Until reading this article, I don't know how to write argumentative essays. I definitely follow these methods while writing this essay. As a student, I am so happy to see this article. Thanks a lot for sharing this article. cbd dosage
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