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X-axis V-wheel raised above rail
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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2018 6:11 am   Post subject: X-axis V-wheel raised above rail Reply with quote


I got the frame assembled this evening and got to the point of adjusting the v-wheelsFor the last couple of hours, I've been struggling with getting the x-axis adjusted. With all four of the bottom/eccentric wheels loosened, it glides very smoothly (just as smooth as the y-axis rails), but one corner wheel is not spinning at all and is just a hair above the v-rail. Just to be clear, I mean that the bottom wheel bolts are actually loosened from the nut a bit, as opposed to meaning that the wheel is as far away from the static wheels as possible (thought they're that too). The reason for this is that it was the only way I could get one of the wheels to stop spinning by just maxing out the distance with the eccentric wheels. However, it appears that the only one that really is a problem is (no surprise) the one directly under the top/static wheel that isn't resting on the rail. In fact, I only just found out that this wheel wasn't spinning by working backwards to figure out why I had to loosen that wheel I've checked and adjusted everything I can think of that might be related, but everything else looks good. The x-axis rails are level and square to each other and the y-axis rails. The y-axis glides very smoothly (I'm a beginner, but it seems to move beautifully).The corner that is off is on the x-axis motor plate, so opposite where the spindle would be mounted. I'd imagine that weight would make this even worse. With that thought, I wondered if maybe it's slightly skewed in that direction. Even if that were true, I'm not sure what I would do to fix that.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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