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Poor audio quality on analog output
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2018 6:26 am   Post subject: Poor audio quality on analog output Reply with quote


I'm having problems with the audio on the analog output and for my project I can't use the HDMI audio.As I am using the Pi to play a live audio stream I don;t have a problem with the 'popping' between tracks that has been described, my issue is with the general poor audio quality and background noise that is always present (if there is silence or low audio playing). I am using omxplayer to play the live feed, I have noticed that the + and - do not seem to work to alter the levels at all, I would like to make sure that the feed is playing at the loudest to make sure I'm not amplifying noise by not having the player at its loudest.
A few questions:
Is there a 'mixer' like in Windows to check the levels? If so, where can I find them?
- Has anyone been able to reduce the background noise on the analog output?
- I have noticed there is a USB sound device being used, is this much better?
- Can you point me to the above confirmed working USB device, say on eBay or Amazon?
- Any cheap ways of extracting analog audio from the HDMI port?

Please help.

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