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Exercise Ball Crunches and Ab Wheel
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I have realized that my stomach muscles being weak have contributed to alot of my back injuries through out the years. I am trying to rebuild my strength by doing the crunches in sets of 50 (this is where I max out, sadly) with 3-4 sets at a time every other day. Should I do Ball crunches ( I can do about 15 reps, where I go back, with a slight stretch and up) which are more intense, before I do the high rep crunches, or just keep doing the crunches until I can do sets of 100, several times at the end of my strength workout. I am also curious about what Mr. Kurz thinks of the Ab Wheel, and does it have a place in strengthening the stomach for Kickboxing/BJJ/MMA. I've done several martial arts (Black Belt TKD and Muay Thai at Fairtex), but sadly, I read to much body building crap and not enough on sports conditioning, which, I am sure, hurt me in the long run. I have bought the Science of Sports Training, the Children's book, the Stretching Book and the High Kicks with no warm up. I'm 47 years old, and would like to keep fit and return to contact free sparring and possibly grappling.

Please help.

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