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Tempo Problems and Song Creation\Recording
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I'm a nube to the Forum and a bit technically challenged when it comes to understanding all the power and capability of my Cubase 7.5. But I love Cubase. WOW. I'll buy 8 after I can get my act better together with 7.5. Here's my issue and some thoughts on how to address my problem but would really appreciate some input from Cubase users who have more experience with song creation and tempo:I write most of my music at home. I am currently writing a song which will include vocal. harmonies, acoustic gtr, electric guitar, bass, drums at the minimum. I record everything live using audio tracks, except for drums or synths which use EZ Drummer (midi) and Halion SE.On a recent song, I started with the drums ( identifying a good tempo) laying down the midi events (Cubase created the midi track) as I pulled samples to the project screen. At this point, I had not created a Tempo map. Next I recorded audio (vocal and guitar). Nothing was recorded in musical mode (audio) or musical timescale (midi). It was just recorded "plain" or linear mode I guess. I played it back and it sounded great. But I wanted some changes in tempo in the chorus....so I read the manual and created a Tempo Map with mild changes at the chorus from 72 BPM to 75 BPM. I set everything to musical mode for audio and musical timescale for midi and now: EVERYTHING SOUNDS OUT OF TEMPO. No idea how to get all of this synced up again. So, before starting all over I thought Id ask for some help. Here are some thoughts I have about setting up a procedure to do this the same way each time and eliminate such headaches, and would really appreciate some help.

please help

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