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Composing in Score and MIDI Orchestration
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:13 am   Post subject: Composing in Score and MIDI Orchestration Reply with quote


i'm trying to create some good Workflow for my composition and i have a LOT of doubts so if you can tell me what you think about this topics maybe it will help-me....

1So I use finale for compose ( I really like of composing in a Score ), but automate things in finale is very very very hard, the midi tool there is not really flexible, and you have to create a lot of expression to do automation there and that consume a lot of time that i dont like to spend when i'm focus on the composing process. I would like to know the workflow that the people normally here use ( I imagine that is a lot of ways that people compose and make mockup of it here and i'm would like to try some new paths for composing and mockup ) .

When the composition is ready from Finale/ Sibelius do you just export the midi to your DAW and work the midi there, or is best make midi records of every intrument of the music to it sound more human?

Do you know any book/ tutorials/ video/ about virtual Orchestration soo i could Search?

Please help.


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