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Rules Based Music Composition
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I understand that musescore is primarily engraving/layout software but I have an interest in rules based music composition, whereby a computer program is given some rules about music structure,harmony and arrangement and by means of various random seeds produces a tune.

I have been working on such a program for some time and my original intention was to offer it to musescore users who are bored at Christmas time (or any other holiday period) to experiment with and see what they get.

Sadly Musescore do not seem at all interested in the idea so I'm posting here to see if there are any other like-minded folks.

The program is written in C++ (I also have a Java variant) and runs well on Codeblocks or Netbeans.

It is not small (268 files and about 2.3mB source) so I have no means of distributing it.

You will need to be comfortable with compiling/ fault finding/editing/ and musicianship (as an aside, I possess none of these skills hence my request for help)

The output from the program is a Midi file which I import into musescore to process further.

I would need help to host the source, check and modify the code for mistakes and improvements with the object being to issue a program that a non program savvy musician (music teacher or student or whatever) can just run.

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