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What if Arya is Still in Faceless Man Training?
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:51 pm   Post subject: What if Arya is Still in Faceless Man Training? Reply with quote

I was rewatching some of Season 6, and it occurred to me that back in Season 2, when Jaqen H'ghar is confronted with his own name from Arya as to the third life owed to the Red God, he freaks out and asks her to change her choice. If that wasn't his real name, if he were really 'No One' why would it upset him to hear the name? From what I can tell, that is his real name when he's not being 'No One', so it appears that a Faceless Man doesn't completely abandon his or her name after all.

Meanwhile, the Waif seemed perfectly content to have no name beyond 'No One' and doesn't really cling to anyone or anything. This could be why Arya went through her training much faster than the Waif and why she defeated her, even though she appeared a stronger fighter in general and Arya was wounded when they had their final duel. Arya had an identity to live for. The Waif didn't.

Putting this all together, I'm thinking that Arya did not, in fact, leave training. She believes she did so, but that might be a necessary part of the training, to reconnect with her identity, while still retaining and utilizing her skills (face-changing, fighting, poison creation, killing, etc) that she learned at the Temple of Black and White. If so, then Arya would still be in the process of becoming a Faceless Man, even if she doesn't know it. It could be some sort of internship/student-teaching phase, where she completes her own unfinished business, allowing her to better serve the Many-Faced God and be 'No One' when she reaches the end of her list.

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