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Do people actually like the Operator?
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:50 am   Post subject: Do people actually like the Operator? Reply with quote

Hello everybody,

I recently returned from a 2-years or so break from the game. (Ironically on the same day PoE went live, tho just by coincidence.) The reason I didn't play - and I thought I would never return - was that I was dissatisfied with the way the lore was going after the Second Dream, i.e. with the whole Operator business. My stance on this has not changed, but I discovered I still enjoy the game anyway. I simply try to avoid all content related to it. Which is why I am kind of pissed that they seem to try and force us to use the Operator, as in Kuva Missions and Teralyst fights. A friend of mine actually plays the Operator, at which point I either roll my eyes or make comments about how I want it (not even sure whether it's male or female) to die a horrible death. I recall that back then, there were those people who hated it and those who seemed to be okay with it, or at least were not surprised.

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