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Mag got "buffed", but do you see anyone using her?
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 3:47 am   Post subject: Mag got "buffed", but do you see anyone using her? Reply with quote

To me when the Mag rework which happened a very long time ago was a nerf, You used to see her being used frequently in missions, now you only see her being used by newer players that have joined warframe and in literally 0.1% of community (apart from new players)?

I mean everyone said mag got a "buff", yes because she could clear enemies in a hallway in seconds, but do you actually ever see the people saying it was a "Buff" actually playing her. I mean really if it was a "Buff" then why do you see literally 99.9% of players which are not new to the game, not playing mag at all anymore, to be honest, I would say the developers turned her into a hallway clearer rather than a frame that used to be used in every corpus mission which could nuke enemies and give overshields.

So what do you guys even do, do you even still play her? I know I don't because sitting in a hallway for a hour is not fun, what we used to have gave us more mobility and freedom in our mission, since our abilities had extreme ranges, specifically "Shield Polarize. And also now look at that augment for polarize, doesn't even work against the grineer and infested, they even tried to make polarize work good against the grineer and infested, but turned it into a pretty much useless ability, It is now not even useful against the corpus.

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